Deadly Rooms

Deadly Rooms v.1.0
You wake up in a room full of blood and maggots.
Trapped inside some sort of mansion you search the rooms to find your exit
Every rooms has an exit that will lead you to the next room.
but beware the rooms you enter may seem innocent but are full
of hidden traps. someone does not want you to get out of this place.

Do you have what it takes to get out alive?
“Deadly Rooms” is a topdown horror puzzle adventure game where you need
survive multiple rooms.using your instinct and skills is a big part of
the game!

-Over 35 levels (more coming with each update)
-Joystick Controls + interaction button.
-Creepy Horror game in the style of saw.
-Scary music written by David.F.Borrows.
-Gamecenter highscores :How many rooms did you survive?
-Hidden traps and scares waiting for you.
-Ingame instructions
-Easy restart when you lost your last life.
-Random rooms :Only the first room is the same,
after that it’s all random.
-Pause the game easily while being surrounded by evil.
-More levels coming.
-More secrets hidden inside the rooms.


Some reviews:

– I like this game! it reminds me of Saw and the phantom of the opera!
5 out 5 stars

– With these random rooms that keeps changing this game stays fun!

– Love it, so many different traps and detail ,don’t play this alone either
because it’s pretty scary sometimes

– Oh how this game reminds me of those Saw movies. More levels needed!
The highscore system rulezzz,4 stars
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This game was made by Ben Aprigliano (Evilized productions)

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