Deadly Pursuit 3D ( FPS Shooting Game / Games)

Fact is, all lies, all evil deeds, they stink.
This ain’t no bank robbery!
Yes,But there’s a story behind:
His wife is being held hostage by an extortionist who demands him a Bank Robbery.
And he has planned the perfect bank robbery to save his loved one but unaware of the army of police surrounding the bank.Now on the run from police he is desperately in need of your help and ready to pay you for every cop you shoot down.
Help him save his wife and make your bank balance.
>40 levels on 10 different locations.
>Buy, sell and upgrade guns like Revolver,Rifles, light Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, Sniper Gun, Grenade Launcher and many more.
>Buy SharpShooters for your support
>20+ different Police vehicles and helicopters
>Realistic physics
>Beautiful 3D Graphics
>Explosion and Blast effects

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