Deadly Granny

Granny might be old but she is as Deadly as they fly.
##The all new Granny Game is HERE!##
*** Now with FULL iPhone 5 support ***

Awesome game play, top notch graphics. fast rush and wicked iron man enemies to clash with but mostly Super Addictive action adult Fun.

Gran is no longer angry, she is deadly! join her in this epic rush adventure as she takes off into the air using 1 of three outfits. No more wheelchair for this lady. She is not taking the subway either thats for sure!

Fly, Shoot and kill diffrent enemies including the iron robot man, clash against obsticles and temples of rock!

* Awesome graphics
* Proven addictive game play
* Wicked music and sound tracks
* Use the “Get Kids Mode” IAP and never die!
* Full retina support

Fly Fast Gran! Just watch out for Crazy lasers, Wicked angry robots made of iron nd reach as far as you can!

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