Deadly City




No resets – Active players will never ever be deleted, train your stats knowing they will never be lost!

No cost – Deadly-City will always be completely free and will continue to be the best crime RPG for years to come!

Crimes – New and improved crime system!

Attack – Got a problem with another player? Go and show them who’s boss by attacking, mugging, or hospitalizing them!

Gangs – Create or join one of Deadly-City’s hundreds of gangs, socialize, war and commit organized crimes together!

Items – Own hundreds of items, sell them, use them.

Always running – Deadly-City is always running and you will be able to access your account from the web anywhere in the world!

Servers – This online text based role play game runs on a powerful server, lag is always at a minimal!

Staff – Need help with anything? Deadly-City has a great group of staff members who will happily assist you!

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