Dead Raid

No Way To Escape! You Must Fight Back!

Dead Raid is a 3D FPS survival game,
The game fully used the Gyroscope of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
(Non-Gyroscope device also playable with the finger)
You need to resist the zombie’s attack.

》Comic/Toon Style 3D FPS
》Varied Weapons (Total 20 weapons)
‧Assault Rifle: AK47, Famas62, Galil, HK_G36K, M16, Steyer AUG, XM8
‧Battle Rifle: HK G3K A3, M14
‧Carbine: M4
‧Machine Pistol: Skorpion VZ 61
‧Pistol: Beretta92, DesertEagle, Glock19, HK Mk23 SOCOM, HK USP,
‧SubMachine Gun: HK MP5, HK UMP, UZI
》Varied Backgrounds (Total 30 backgrounds)
》Varied Rock Music (Total 51 music)(The music cost over $100!)
》Varied Challenges (Total 22 Objectives)
》GameCenter Support
》Gyroscope Support

The government of Russia, China and North Korea founded the secret society “Redroid Union”.
They secretly execute the human stronger, cyborg and cloning experiment.
The scientists implanted Nano-Robot into the clone’s brain for the fully control.
And send them sneak into the crowd around the world.
So they can monitor and intelligence gathering through satellite.

30 years later.
The experimental plan was exposed by the escaped scientists.
The “Redroid Union” prepare for a massive clone self-destruction action because the pressure of international condemnation.
However, a hacker group “uNKN0WN” announced they will “liberating” them.
Therefore, they invaded the central control system of “Redroid Union”.
And disconnect the link between the clones.
However, it accidentally sent the wrong signals to all clones.
The signals modified the clone Nano-Robot’s awareness systems.
Since then these clones beginning to attack humans.
And the clones implanted their Nano-Robots into the human’s brain to infect people.
A large-scale “Zombie Infection” action has begun!

1 month later.
United Nations approved a special eliminate order.
Everyone can be legal to kill the uncontrolled zombies.
You are the professional zombie hunter because you have a very good instant judgment.
And kill a lot of zombies around the world.
However, this time you encountered an unprecedented crisis.
How long can you survive in the last moment?

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