Dead Man's Hand – Wild West Poker Game

DEAD MAN’S HAND is a unique poker game. You draw sets of cards to make the most valuable poker hands possible but try not to get shot. If you draw three pistol cards you lose your turn. The objective is to bank more money than your opponent. Be brave but not foolish.

Try to beat these Wild West legends:
1) Calamity Jane, the legendary frontierswoman. Jane likes pairs more than straights.
2) James McCall, the coward who shot Wild Bill. McCall prefers to bank big and takes some bigger risks to do so.
3) Wild Bill Hickok, legendary gunfighter, lawman and the greatest poker player in the Wild West.

You can also play your friends using pass-and-play.

The game of Dead Man’s Hand is ©2012 by MmpApps Corp.

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