Dead Drop

Dead Drop is a live-action multiplayer elimination game played by groups of friends in and around their communities. Dead Drop coordinates individual and group games of any size, in which players receive live-action missions to complete in their communities. Campaign Mode (single player) is complete, but multiplayer is in final beta and is somewhat unstable. Updates to come soon!

Mix and match any combination of avatar skins to create your unique Dead Drop character. In-app purchases are also available for additional clothing and accessories.

Campaign Mode
The Dead Drop Campaign/Training Mode is a brief story mode that introduces players to the mini games that form the basis of the Dead Drop Multiplayer Mode Games. As new multiplayer modes and weapons are released, new mini games and new campaign missions can be easily added as needed.

The heart of Dead Drop is its multiplayer game hosting. The first released multiplayer game will be classic mode, a live-action game based loosely on the popular live action game “Assassin” or “Paranoia,” in which each player is assigned another player as a target with the goal of being the last player standing. Dead Drop offers customization of game duration, time out duration, game area, weapons, and maximum players. Multiplayer is in final beta now, and is somewhat unstable. Updates to come soon!

Mini Games
In Dead Drop, the use and defense against weapons happens through mini game interfaces. When a game event takes place—e.g. pulling a trigger or tripping a bomb—a mini game appears. A player’s success at the mini game determines the outcome of the game event. The outcome of the mini game that appears with the tripping of the bomb gives the player a chance to diffuse the bomb before it explodes and eliminates him.

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