De Blob Revolution

Rating: 4+

De Blob Revolution is a game from THQ Nordic GmbH, originally released 8th March, 2010


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De Blob Revolution Review

In his previous iPhone adventure, De Blob colored his city and saved the population from the color-hating INKT Corporation. But that was only the beginning. In Revolution, everybody’s favorite superhero blob is infiltrating INKT’s color-erasing factories to save his fellow city dwellers. While the sequel doesn’t retain the ‘open-area’ feel of the original, the randomly generated puzzles found here offer great entertainment.

The gameplay is based around drawing a path along the floor for De Blob to follow to the exit. The trick is to draw the shortest route possible and pick up as many citizens as you can along the way without crossing your own path. Blocking yourself in with your ink trail or, in certain modes, running out of time, means game over. Although the tap-to-move controls are poor, the pathdrawing method plays much like PathPix and is fun to use.

Let’s bust outta here on my Slip ‘n Slide.

There are three game modes to play, each of which consists of a different kind of factory. The first involves simply picking up as many citizens as you can without a time limit, but it includes some of the toughest puzzles in the game. Speed mode counts both how many citizens you pick up as well as the time it takes you to reach the goal. Finally, there is INKT outrun mode. The levels in this mode start off normally, but at a certain point swarms of INKT employees will come rushing at you, causing you to make quick decisions. Each of these modes adds a little something different to the gameplay and complement each other nicely.

With five difficulty settings and an easy mode, young kids and serious puzzle gamers will all find something to enjoy. Even on the highest difficulty it never gets super challenging, but that’s not a bad thing. The vibrant art style and encouraging comments from your comrades keep your spirits high, even when you make a mistake.

You shall know him by the trail of Hawaiian Punch.

Every level is randomly generated, meaning that you get endless content. However, this comes at a price: You will occasionally get a level where not every citizen can be picked up. This is likely due to a lack of final polish on THQ Wireless’ part, but it can feel cheap when it mars an otherwise perfect run.

The biggest issue with Revolution, however, is in how restarting levels is handled. Instead of allowing you to simply restart the room if you mess up, it sends you straight to the beginning again. This felt as if we were being punished too harshly and left us colored red with frustration.

Other than these shortcomings, De Blob Revolution offers an entertaining puzzle experience. It likely won’t appeal to the hardcore crowd, but don’t hesitate to give this game a shot.