De Blob Revolution HD

Rating: 4+

De Blob Revolution HD is a game from THQ Nordic GmbH, originally released 16th September, 2010


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De Blob Revolution HD iPad Review

De Blob is no stranger to iDevices. While he first appeared on the Wii, we know him best for his two iPhone games, one of which is the addictive speed-based puzzle game De Blob Revolution. THQ’s iPad refresh of the game improves on it by utilizing the larger screen to change up the game’s flow.

De Blob Revolution HD has the same content as its iPhone counterpart. The goal is to draw a path for De Blob so he can free trapped blobs. You have three game modes: Normal, time attack, and INKT chase, with multiple unlockable difficulty levels for each. Sets of five puzzles are randomly plucked from a larger selection for each session. For an in-depth look at all of this, check out our review of the iPhone version.

What ever happened to Blobs A, B, and C?

However, what makes De Blob Revolution HD special is that it links all the levels in a set together, instead of going through them one at a time. This means that you have one timer to complete every level, and on INKT chase, the baddies will chase you through all five rooms until you get to the end. If you make a mistake in a room, you’ll be sent back to the start of that particular room. This may sound like a minor change, but it does enough to freshen the game up.

One issue that still persists in the iPad version of the game is the slightly aggravating controls. We sometimes found that the game incorrectly inputs the path placement under our finger. However, considering you can always restart at a checkpoint for no penalty, this issue is slightly alleviated.

With Chop Sushi! HD and now De Blob Revolution HD, it seems THQ knows what makes an iPad game great. Even for slightly higher prices, there is no doubt in our mind that these HD versions are the best versions of their respective games.