Daycare Nightmare

Daycare Nightmare is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Daycare Nightmare Review

Daycare Nightmare is a time management game in the vein of Diner Dash and Chocolate Shop Frenzy, but it breaks from the food service convention to put you in the middle of a truly terrible situation–you play as the lone babysitter at a daycare center for infant monsters! Parenthood is never easy, but these little monsters are a real handful; it’s all you can do to keep them moving from station to station to satisfy their needs. As always in these games, you can spend your profits to upgrade your equipment and keep the babies at bay a little longer. We really like this game’s premise and sense of humor, and it can be fun at times, but it’s repetitive and the graphics and sound really suck. It earns a 2.