Day of the Wraith for iPhone

Day of the Wraith! A chase game inspired by the “classic” (aka cheesy) black and white horror films of the 1950’s.

When the “Press and Move Finger to Start” screen comes up, place your finger at a starting point AHEAD of the scientist, NOT ON TOP OF THE SCIENTIST and keep moving! DON’T STOP for anything! DO NOT hit your scientist with your own finger as you glide around the screen because she will get stunned and you WILL die! Make smooth, continuous lines and curves towards things you want (i.e., research papers) and avoid the things (i.e., deadly wraiths) you don’t. There are three ways to die:

1) You lift your finger off the screen or your finger goes over the viewable screen edge.
2) You run into your scientist with your finger
3) You run into a Wraith!

You’ve broken rule #1 of being a scientist: Never inadvertently open portals to the underworld that spawn endless waves of demonic wraiths determined to snuff you out of existence!

Pick up all your valuable research papers scattered around the stage for points. Beakers full of sciencey-infused liquids give you a temporary speed boost. Tesla Coils clear the screen of ghosts for a couple of seconds. But most importantly… avoid all the wraiths and see if you can beat out the best high score and the Gamecenter leaders! How long will you last against… The Day of the Wraith!

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