Flying Pumpkins Premium

The Day of the Flying Pumpkins has come – flying jack-o-lanterns have invaded the world and you are the only one who can delay their invasion… temporarily.

Simple, no-frills, cute and insanely addictive casual game!
If you want to test this game before purchase, there is a FREE version available on the AppStore – Day of the Flying Pumpkins Free.

Your goal? To survive the longest by quickly blasting the flying pumpkins before time runs out and without touching the grim reaper.

Great graphics, psychedelic explosions, alert soundtrack, all mixed in a classic arcade concept that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained on your commute of for those moments when you “just want a quick game”

Perfect for kids and adults alike.

NEW! global highscore board so you can compare your skills with those of users all over the world!

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