Flying Pumpkins

The FREE version of the critically acclaimed “Day of the Flying Pumpkins” is completely full and supported by advertising. It includes Classic and Nightmare mode, features worldwide scoreboards and a great game.

Simple, no-frills, cute and insanely addictive casual game!

The Day of the Flying Pumpkins has come – flying jack-o-lanterns have invaded the world and you are the only one who can delay their invasion… temporarily.

A frenetic casual game where you need to use all your reflexes, speed and attention to blast out as many pumpkins as you can, before time runs out.

Gorgeous graphics and sound effects, a catchy game theme, all joined together in a game guaranteed to keep you busy during your commute or whenever you have a minute to spare.

No learning curve required: you just start tapping the flying pumpkins as fast as your fingers can handle. Your aim must be perfect, as the Grim Reaper awaits – like the game says, “Do not touch the skull”. Luckily for you, special treats will give you extra help – just make sure you use them quickly, or else they forever vanish.


“This is AWESOME! And just in time for Halloween!”
“love it! Indie game dev forever!”
“Casual gaming at its best!

For great Karma, access to the Nightmare difficulty level, no ads and future free updates, go ahead and purchase Day of the Flying Pumpkins the full version. It’s cheap and totally worth it!

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