Day Night

First thing first: Play under something soft.

The game doesn’t work on iPhones and iPods Touch below 4G! (sorry guys!)

Welcome to Day Night! Thomas, our human-robot, was friendzoned! He has to pass through days and nights to help his love! (that only sees him as a friend).

Control the day and the night in this unique experience in games with innovative mechanics! Rotate your device to change from Day to Night while keeping the game under your vision!

– A never seen mechanics before in games!
– Fully 360ยบ rotation, no matter what direction you play!
– Beautiful graphic design that changes depending on day/night/sunset!
– 4 stages with 20 levels each! Total of 80 levels!
– 9 elements that interacts depending on the time!
– More than 20 GameCenter achievements and leaderboards!

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