Dawn of the Dead: Sole Survivor

Dawn of the Dead: Sole Survivor pits you against endless hordes of terrifying zombies in two intense levels – the parking lot and the underbelly of the legendary Crossroads mall.

- Earn points to unlock awesome weapons including a shovel, machine gun, shotgun, golf club, fire axe and more.

- Climb the global leaderboards using OpenFeint and challenge friends to earn points faster.

- Two unique play modes: Survival mode lets you fight as long as you can before you become infected, and Zombie Hunter where you must dispose of as many zombies as possible in a fixed time limit.

- Stunning visuals created from fully rendered 3D models and hand painted backdrops create an unmatched sense of realism and immersion.

Dawn of the Dead: Sole Survivor is based on the smash hit movie Dawn of the Dead, from Universal Studios.