David and Goliath: A Children’s Storybook

With the interactive David and Goliath app, children ages 1-6 will have hours of fun as they meet the shepherd and his family, help David prepare provisions for his brothers, and visit the battlefield. In a fun game setting, children will experience David’s dilemma protecting his sheep from the wild animals, practicing using his sling, and of course fighting the giant. Once the story is complete, children will enjoy completing the coloring pages enhanced with the magic reveal tool. The classic story of Noah’s Ark has captured the imagination of children and adults for generations. Now experience the newest retelling of this famous story.

What’s included:
•High quality educational experience.
•Interactive elements on every page.
•Game mechanics allow children to experience the story of David and Goliath in fun new ways.
•Coloring pages reinforce the details of the story.

•Biblically accurate story.
•Age-appropriate artwork and game mechanics for young hands.
•Strategically placed controls to keep children from inadvertent interruptions.
•Read-to-me function enables to children to interact with the story on their own or with an adult.
•Subtle end-of-story links to other stories in the series keep children from accidentally connecting to the iTunes store.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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