Data Tunnel 3d Free

The Data Stream processes millions of terabytes a second globally and has become the hacker’s international super-highway. Race down the Data Tunnel and avoid alarms, AIs, and other harmful foes in to reach the core processor before your connection is severed!

Racing down a sci-fi futuristic tunnel, you must dodge AIs, barrier nodes, and speed as fast as you can to reach the core processor in time. The fastest hack wins!

The free version features 7 playable levels, 3 standard ‘data runners’ (the race cars of the hacker’s highway of this internet-realm), and unlock-able data-runner, and absolutely no time limit or harassment ads!


☢Randomly generated levels which change each time you play
☢Beautiful 3d graphics, optimized for iOS 5.0 and up
☢A banging soundtrack by the Japanese artist, Toshiyuki Hiraokoa.
☢2 environments (a total of 4 are in the premium version)
☢3d sound effects
☢Snake your way through 7 lucky levels!
☢You can even mute the music and enjoy your own mp3s while you trance-out

If you’re looking for a fast-paced futuristic tunnel racing game, give Data Tunnel 3d a try!

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