Dash & Bash

“A Charming Game” – AppAdvice.com, 9/10
“Don’t Miss the Awesome Game!” – Tapscape.com, 9/10
“Once you start playing it you really don’t want to put it down” – Maciverse.com
Test your reactions in this fast action racer!
Race as Dash against the clock or against Bash!

Have you got the skills to be the champion and win all of the gold trophies? The current champion Bash and his minions have filled the race tracks with a range of dangerous obstacles designed to ruin your race. With simple, quick to learn controls, just tap to make Dash swim, fly, dive and shoot through a range of obstacles that can slow him down. Avoid obstacles and eat juicy fruit to speed up until Dash reaches top speed and transforms into Super Dash! Follow the rivalry between Dash and Bash in the comic strips between chapters.

Race to win stars, trophies and gold to spend on a wide range of outfits for Dash that will upgrade his abilities. Achieving 3 stars on a track unlocks VS BASH mode in which you can race the entire track at top speed against Bash. Beat Bash in this head-to-head race to win a golden egg! Win all 5 golden eggs in a chapter to win the chapter’s gold trophy!

Game features:

• ADDICTIVE, fun and exciting racing action for all abilities
• RACE through 5 chapters (25 race tracks) and meet friends and foe that will impact on your race time.
• SIMPLE, quick to learn controls that improve your reactions and skill as you play.
• BOLD and dynamic art style that brings both the characters and environment to life.
• UNLOCKABLE race mode “VS BASH” for advanced players to master the tracks and become the new champion.
• WIDE range of outfits to buy for Dash, using gold earned, that upgrades his abilities as well as his appearance.
• UNIVERSAL game with retina graphics for supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices
• SERIES of comic strips to unlock that reveal the story of the championship
• EASY mode for younger players
• the next instalment “Chapter 6. A Dash Through Time” coming soon….

Please note: If you downloaded the ‘try before you buy’ version 1.0, and haven’t yet unlocked all the chapters then you can now update to version 1.0.1 and get all the chapters unlocked for free! Thanks for supporting Dash & Bash in it’s launch week!

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Dash & Bash Review

Rubber duck races are a staple of charity fundraisers, with big regattas like the Charleston Duck Race unleashing thousands of bath toys upon unsuspecting rivers every year. Dash & Bash isn't nearly as grand as that, but this duck racing game has something the real events have never seen: Evil beavers. Dash is an adorable rubber duck chasing championship dreams. His rival Bash is the reigning champion, a snickering beaver who'll do anything to win. Read More →

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