Das Boot: The Hunt For U-505

DasBoot: The Hunt For U-505 Classic Gameplay with a new twist!

You are in command of the USS Pillsbury attached to TG 22.3.
Your mission is to capture an enemy U-Boat and the Enigma code books that it contains. You have Depth Charges and Air-Strikes at your disposal. You must use your Sonar to locate the enemy U-Boats, without it you’re blind and at the mercy of torpedo & mine attacks. Strategy is your key to survival as you have only a limited number of depth charges onboard also the USS Guadalcanal can only send you a limited number of air-strikes.

Slower paced gameplay of yesteryears. If you long for
classic pre-halo generation gameplay Das Boot: The Hunt For U-505 may just be the gem you have been searching for.

25 Levels
7 Locations
Cinematic score by Master Composers
Based on a True Story

Please REBOOT your iPhone after install.

Das Boot: The Hunt For U-505 was developed by SudoWorks LLC. It is recommended for people why enjoyed: Chopper, Fieldrunners, Brothers In Arms, Warfare Inc, BlueSkies, Circular Assault, Dropship and Crazy Tanks.

==== New in this Version =====

1) Easy Mode
2) Pause Button
3) Improved Stability
4) German Localizations
5) Spanish Localizations
6) Menu Tweaks
7) Improved Performance
8) Longer Sonar Ping
9) Low Memory Crash Bug Fix
10) Loading Crash Fix
11) Easier to Press Buttons

Version 1.2 is in the works.

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