DarkClaw Perils in the cave, now bigger, badder and with more features!!
– New Design! – the main adventure now looks and feels like a professional D&D module
– New Art! – commissioned art with great looking maps and mean goblins!
– BattleMaps – use crafted Battle Maps to play the adventure with your miniatures!

An incredible Dungeons & Dragons 4E module for your party! This adventure is designed for 4 to 6 players, including one Dungeon Master (DM) and 3 to 5 level-1 characters. The app takes you through your first visit to the world of Draegnor, where mythical creatures rule the land and where sword and sorcery turn gifted individuals into heroes.

DarkClaw has been in the top 12 “WHAT’S HOT” RPG apps and in the top 50 for adventure games in the US Store, and we want to celebrate our update with 50% OFF! All the way up to Sunday, enjoy this amazing D&D 4E module for only $4.99!!

*** Also featured in the RPG “what’s hot” in 65+ countries including Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela ***

Use the characters here or new ones, adapt what you want, and explore the world of Draegnor and everything D&D 4E has to offer! And if you like our app, please tell your friends about us! Share this app on Facebook or Tweet about it!

– full ready-to-play adventure, with over 10 hours of game-play and multiple options for players
– 10 unique characters to choose from! All ready to jump into the battle
– beautiful maps and creature illustrations, including battle-maps optimized for miniature use
– full town description, including shops’ contents and important in-town characters.
– customized Dungeon Master indications for easier retrieval of information and for providing a richer environment for the players
– this is the first part of a full Campaign Setting: the Dark Claw Campaign Setting! With more information to continue your adventures on these continents – your own or the ones in upcoming expansion modules!

Like any group of RPG players, we welcome comments and suggestions to improve the app. If you would like to submit artwork for display in the character section, or for other sections, send it to darkclaw.loki@gmail.com and we will try to either add it to the current character list or include them in upcoming apps! We will credit the drawings to your name and provide a link to your webpage.

For any other questions or app support, email us at the same address and we will get back to you very soon!

Enjoy this adventure as much as our group did, and thank you for taking a look!

Dark Claw Team.

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