D.A.R.K is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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D.A.R.K. Review

Don’t you hate it when a game is going great, until you’re greeted with a ‘more content in the next update’ message? We’ve all experienced this before, and it always feels like a slap in the face. D.A.R.K., for all its fun dual-stick shooting action, is no different.

In D.A.R.K., you play as a space marine who must escape a ship infested with aliens, zombies, robots’¦ heck, just about everything. It’s your usual sci-fi space shooter spiel, which serves the sole purpose of giving you a reason to lay on that trigger finger. However, the game doesn’t bring up the story for the majority of the campaign, so you can easily ignore it.

Zombies take on a new frontier.

If you’ve ever played a dual-stick shooter (and we’re sure you have), you’ll recognize the wave-based sections that make up the majority of D.A.R.K. However, the campaign throws in puzzles and action sequences regularly to keep things interesting.

Some of our favorite moments include controlling a remote mech to clear a room of enemies, and running past moving lasers through tight corridors. Boss battles, on the other hand, require nothing more than circle-strafing for an easy win. The enemy variety is also lacking, and you’ll see the same few species in every wave.

The fun doesn’t hold up for more than two hours before you’re presented with a beautiful CGI cutscene, followed by that ‘new content in the next update’ message. What really hurts is that on the menu screen, it seems that after beating the first part of the campaign you can unlock a second part and survival mode, but ultimately you get neither. While you’re given the option to play through the first episode again, retaining any upgrades and weapons you’ve acquired, there’s little incentive to do so. In our view, the developers should have finished their game before letting it loose.

If you want a quick, high-action campaign, $.99 is a fair asking price for what D.A.R.K. has to offer. Otherwise, wait for the promised content updates before helping this space marine escape his imminent peril.