Dark Woods Haunted Quest Hidden Objects Game

Dark Woods Haunted Quest Hidden Objects Game

Join the Creepy, Fun as you journey into the Dark Haunted Woods to locate precious Magical Potions.

This is the perfect pre teen app that challenges you in the most unique Hiding Objects, Hidden Picture Game that you have played.

Are you up to the Haunted Challenge?

This Story takes you through 8 Beautifully, Creepy, Hand Crafted levels where you have to locate 8 Magical Potions that are lost.

Help restore goodness to the once Peaceful Forest by finding all hidden objects and uncovering the Potions.

This Haunted Quest Hidden Objects Game includes:
*8 Creepy Levels
*6 Achievements
*8 Hidden Potions
*100+ Hidden Objects
*Leader Board
*Timer Game
*Free Updates

The Dark Woods Haunted Quest Hidden Objects Game is a perfect challenge as a young girls game, boys game, kids game, or any one looking to have some Haunted Fun.

Makes a great Gift App for the special people in your life.

Hurry before price goes up!!

FREE Updates!!

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