Dark Runner


Dark Runner 2 is now available on AppStore. If you like Dark Runner, the sequel is even better and addictive.

▆▅▃▂ DARK RUNNER ▂▃▅▆

Version 1.9 is the new version and it comes with:

* Performance optimized.
* Check out Dark Runner 2.
* Tested on iOS 6
* Improved performance

▂▃▅▆ THE GAME ▆▅▃▂

Dark Runner is a fantastic action Packed game for your complete entertainment. It is packed with a full dose of adrenalin to push the limits for your survival in the game. Run as long as you can and as far as possible.

░▶░▶░▶░▶░▶ MISSION ◀░◀░◀░◀░◀░

Jump over deadly obstacles, Duck under dangerous objects, Chase your dream distance…! Set high score and challenge the world.

√ Athletic Stick Runner is your real hero in action
√ Amazing Stick animation
√ Make your way safely through a series of deadly obstacles
√ Run and maneuver the deadly hurdles with your quick reflexes
√ Jump over the hurdles, and continue to run
√ You can also roll to avoid hit by the obstacles
√ You must be really quick to save yourselves by jumping through two deadly obstacles
√ Count your neurons and act upon your reflexes to win this game

• Fancy animations and sound
• Mind boggling graphics
• Use intuitive touch gestures to control the Runner
• Trendy approach for running game play

+ Players can check Leaders Board on OpenFient and Game center
+ Optimized Game Play for better game play experience
+ Game Feed : In-game Social News Feed

Promo Video – http://youtu.be/zD1onmNxxfU

If you are a fan of frantic reaction games then download Dark Runner now.


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