Dark chess: GodGame Darkchess

★★★All-New Chinese Blind Chess★★★
◇ Collect various themed chess boards
◇ Use bonus functions to give you an edge in the game

◇ Play anywhere, anytime with over 10 million worldwide users online
◇ Lots of themed chess sets to suit your personal style
◇ Special functions designed to help you to victory
◇ Lively emoticons to enhance player interactions

★Battle Your Friends!★
◇ Invite your friends to download the app and add them to your contacts through the friends table

★Additional Notes★
◇ Registration is not required to play
◇ Users can also go to Settings and login using their existing Gamesofa account or through alternative sites like Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

Gamesofa- Fun in five easy minutes
Want to play more?
Gamesofa Website: http://www.gamesofa.com
More Games: http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/

★★★超萌棋盤+獨家玩法 暗棋新登場★★★
No. 1 行動遊戲品牌─神來也 今夏全新力作「暗棋」
◇ 超Q主題棋盤,快點來收藏
◇ 善用特殊道具,耍心機當棋王

★iPhone暗棋 遊戲特色★
◇ 全球1,000萬註冊玩家,即時真人對戰
◇ 萌!漢堡、仙人掌、鈕扣等各種造型棋組
◇ 特殊道具偷偷看牌,先知棋聖就是你!
◇ 超口愛表情符號,互動樂趣UP

◇ 邀請好友下載暗棋APP並登入遊戲,即可在「好友桌」中新增好友帳號至好友名單

◇ 不用註冊即可遊戲
◇ 玩家亦可以在「設定」頁將臨時帳號轉換成「神來也帳號」、Facebook、Yahoo

Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆
Gamesofa官網 http://www.gamesofa.com
更多神來也遊戲 http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/

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