Daredevil Truth or Dare

We are currently updating this app for iOS5. Thank you for your patience!

What in your opinion makes
a person slutty?

Who do you think is the
horniest among your friends?

Who is the ugliest person
you have ever dated?

Change your Facebook status into:
“Vacuum cleaning naked”

Show everybody in the group how close to your crouch you can get with your tongue.

Send the following text to two people of the opposite sex:
“I wish we were more than
just friends!”

Daredevil Truth or Dare is an extended, modern version of the classic game Truth or Dare / Spin the bottle.
It’s easy to play without any tricky rules, just spin the wheel and the game tells you what to do! This game makes people reveal secrets and do things they usually wouldn’t do. Even people that aren’t part of the game might be affected, by receiving weird phone calls and odd text messages…

In this game you can also:
See on the map where other people are playing at the same time
Interact and chat with other parties playing Daredevil
Show on Facebook that you are playing Daredevil

This app contains 40 spicy questions (truths) and 40 crazy dares, perfect for a wild spring break party! It’s possible to in app-purchase 40 more truths and 40 more dares.

Be good!

Daredevil was designed by ABRACADABRA, who also brings you NUTCASE and INTIMATE

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