Danger Fish

Step lightly as you hop on the boat with Corky Bobber or his pal Fishbone. Corky and Fishbone are on a fishing trip but, they are in for a big surprise. The tables have been turned and now, the red fish are fishing for them!. Dodge the Danger Fish or you’ll be swimming back to shore! Corky and Fishbone are rowing as fast as they can, collecting coins and dodging Danger Fish on the open seas. Test your maneuvering skills as Corky rows faster and faster as you try to avoid the Danger Fish!

Danger Fish is a fast and exciting game, skillfully executed with colorful and entertaining graphics. Challenge your friends on Game Center to high score and longest time on the open seas.

· Colorful graphics
· Game Center Leaderboard
· nonviolent, family-friendly
· intuitive gameplay
· kids mode.

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