DanceDanceRevolution S+ (US)

DanceDanceRevolution S+ is the hit game from the makers of DanceDanceRevolution S!

Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap your touch screen!

In S+ you can download as many additional songs/ song packs as you like!

—– The information for the newest downloadable song packs (available for an additional payment) —–
More than 150 masterpieces from the DDR series

[1]Just Dance / Lady Ga Ga
[2]Viva La Vida / Coldplay
[3]Dream On Dreamer / The Brand New Heavies
[4]Disturbia / Rihanna
[5]When I Grow Up / Pussycat Dolls

[1]Here It Goes Again / OK Go
[2]U Can’t Touch This / MC Hammer
[5]Joy / Jazzin’Park Feat. Heather Johnson

[1]Butterfly /
[2]Boys /
[3]DUB-I-DUB / ME & MY

[1]feeling in my mind / plazma
[1]Aloe Dreams / plazma

[Limited time offer]
The ultimate pack as a limited time offer for all new DDR S+ users who want to enjoy the game with all tunes! This pack includes all 150 previously released songs.
※Available in the “DDR Store” within in the app

—– Three songs are included —–
[1]A Brighter Day/NAOKI feat. Aleisha G
[3]TRUEe&LOVE (Clubstar’s True Club Mix)
/jun feat. Schanita

[How to play]
Just tap the screen when the arrows rising from the bottom of screen are overlapped with the arrows from the top of the screen!

[Game Mode]
Four levels are available: “BEGINNER”,”BASIC”, “DIFFICULT” and “EXPERT”!

“TRAINING MODE” allows unlimited practice.
“HIDDEN” mode is familiar for any regular “DDR” player.
In “SHAKE MODE”, you can play it by shaking your iPhone/iPod Touch.
As three tunes are included in the game initially, you can play the game as soon as you purchase the application.

[How to get the additional songs/song packs]
Select “DDR STORE” in Title Menu.
“Single”: Purchase a single song
“Packs”: Purchase a pack of songs

When your iPhone/iPod Touch memory gets full, go to “MANAGE” in “DDR STORE” and delete data or re-download data again.

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