Dance Fingers HD Lite

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“Dance Fingers is a crazy tap tap tap game! Yes, Tap crazily!” – YouApp Review

“Play Dance Fingers until your fingers are not yours!” – iapp Review

“Can’t stop playing and replaying this game. My fingers are dancing by themselves now. LOL.” – Dance Fingers Facebook Page Player Review

“Very nice game! Can’t stop playing! Even my mother loves to play.” – Dance Fingers Facebook Page Player Review

“Nice little game for all ages. You can have fun with your kids or family members.” – Player Review

When the night comes, the Star wants to dance, and you will have to help her play the instruments by dancing your fingers.

You will just need to hit the instrument to play, but if you miss, the Star will be unhappy. The Star can only dance at night; therefore, don’t wake up the Sun or the game will be over. Enter the Chorus Mode and rock the tempo to get the bonus points as much as you can. If the Cloud covers the sky, the Star won’t be able to dance, either. Hit the Cloud and hold three seconds to blow the cloud away.

– English
– Traditional Chinese
– Simplified Chinese

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