*** UPDATE 2.0.0 COMING SOON!!! Due to issues we were not able to release the update as scheduled. We have great things to come and know that when it’s released it’ll make the game even better. Thanks Dakazu Designs: Twenty Card Keno and more… Great new features and more refined game experience. Overall game design and graphic updates! Check back for more info. ***
DAKeno HD is the 1st Keno game made specifically for the iPad. DAKeno HD is a great addition to your KENO collection made for your iPad. DAKeno HD is made by the same company that brought you the original DAKeno and DAKeno Plus. DAKeno HD brings you all the great features that you loved from our previews applications as well as many new features.

New features include:
– Compatibility with iOS 5.0
– Bug fixes and improved memory management
– Updated Gamers Zone to be compatible with iOS 5.0
– Realistic look
– Minor effects to enhance the realism
– Machine Stats
– Advanced Jackpot List
and more…

DAKeno HD includes 3 great game play modes which includes the regular KENO featured in DAKeno, FOUR CARD KENO features in DAKeno Plus & also an all new mode DINO KENO. Our newest addition DINO KENO has finally made it to the game with many requests this mode by a different name.

DAKeno and DAKeno Plus runs just perfect on the iPad but DAKeno HD just makes it even better. If you have an iPad and you love KENO then DAKeno HD is the game you need to have.

– Audio: Added music player.
– Music Player: Control songs within the game (Previous Song, Next Song, Play & Pause).
– Music Player: View current song information (Song Title, Artist, Artwork).
– General: Fixed load time.
– Graphics: Minor graphical enhancements.
– General: Dakazu Gamers Zone integration. Register and/or mange your Dakazu Gamers Zone account from within the game.
– Menu: Minor graphical changes.
– Menu: Removed Dakazu Gamers Zone notification due to Dakazu Gamers Zone integration.
– Help: Updated to include information about Dakazu Gamers Zone.
– Graphics: Reduced memory usage.
– General: Reduced memory usage.

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