Daily Quizz

Daily Quiz

Travel through time and discover events that have occurred on today’s date down through history.

Have fun by answering a variety of questions on history, sport, politics, major inventions, literature, cinema, as well as about celebrities and other surprising trivia.

Make the best use of your two jokers, the 50/50 and the audio clue, then answer quickly to gain maximum points.

DQ offers you 365 days of fun as you learn about the historical events that mark each day of the year.

– More than 1,800 questions
– A new set of questions every day
– Option to play the game again with the unblocked sets of questions
– World ranking
– Chat with other players from around the world via Open Feint
– Facebook Connect function
– Chance to send questions to friends via email (only available with OS 3.0)


Hysteria Project, My Brute, BaDaBoo

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