Daily App Dream

Get 3 new paid apps every single day FOR FREE! We’ve already given away loads of No.1 games like Geared and Minigore plus classics like Lilt Line. And we’re giving away even more fab games right now. Sound like a dream come true? Download Daily App Dream for free and it will be!

If 3 free apps a day doesn’t get your thumbs twitching, you can unlock bonus games simply by posting on your favourite social media site. You can even get rewards for frequent use! But remember, you’ve only got 24 hours to grab each free download, so make sure you opt in to receive daily alerts. Because once the 24 hours is up, if you haven’t downloaded the free apps they switch back to paid.

If we haven’t featured your favourite app, you can request it and we’ll get in touch with the developers to see what we can do! We’ve already saved our users $millions, so join the community today and you too can be playing the greatest new games for free.

★ Download Daily App Dream for free now! ★

Note: if you are using iOS6 and are having trouble posting to facebook then please ensure the app has been given permission to use your account by going to Settings > Facebook > Switching ‘DailyFreeApps’ to ‘ON’.

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