Daddy Was A Thief

Universal Rating: 12+

Daddy Was A Thief is a game from Cezary Rajkowski, originally released 9th May, 2013


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Daddy Was a Thief Review

Daddy Was a Thief is designed for those who want to pick up a game and play it immediately. The game fills you in on the story with a quick opening sequence: In a comic book-like series of panels, you come to understand that Daddy was fired from his job. Thinking of his wife and child, he dons a mask and heads to the nearest bank.

Daddy Was a Thief is an endless runner. Each new game begins with Daddy escaping a bank from the rooftop and hopping across to a nearby apartment building. From there, your job is to jump and smash through the floor to get into the apartment below you. Each level of the building contains any number of objects. You might find coins or appliances that break into more coins. You might also find a bathtub, and if you jump into will smash through five or six floors. Finally, you might find policemen with itchy trigger fingers. Being hit by their bullets means game over.


The actual mechanics of the game are incredibly simple. Daddy will run back and forth in the small apartment, turning to run the other way when he hits a wall. If you swipe down, Daddy will jump and smash himself through the floor. If you swipe up, Daddy will do a basic jump to avoid obstacles or stray bullets.

Daddy Was a Thief tries to hook you by offering a vault of unlockable costumes and power-ups. Each time you play, you earn experience points. The level of your character unlocks new items for you to purchase using the coins you find in the building. Items like costumes offer no gameplay advantage, but you can purchase a strength formula to make Daddy stronger or magnets to attract coins. Some of these items will remain throughout the game, while others are single-use only.


While the ultra-simple controls and game mechanics are certainly a draw, Daddy Was a Thief feels lacking. While we enjoyed the game every time we played, there was nothing pulling us to play just once more. The unlockables are a fun distraction, but they don’t feel big enough to warrant another fifteen minutes of playtime. Maybe if the developers add in some new content with an update, like missions, we might find this game a bit more addictive.