DaCau… It’s more than a game, “It’s a Sport”

DaCau is a world popular shuttlecock kicking game where players can play the game solo or can play against each other in the Game Center.

KICK the DaCau shuttle as many times as you like but don’t let the shuttle hit the ground!

Now it’s your time to show the world your skills with this very fun and addictive game, DaCau.

Try to get yourself a high score or challenge the best player over the world or your friends in Game Center.

With 9 characters to choose from, can you get enough score to hit the last one?

– Fun and addictive
– Various backgrounds and scenes
– 9 characters, included Witches, Vampire Boy, Pirate …
– 4 shuttle styles
– Single player mode
– Multiplayer with Game Center Enabled
– Capture your winning moment photo
– Facebook integration

Let’s have fun!

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