d20 Fight Club

Keep track of your D&D 4e PCs with d20 Fight Club. This app will help take most of the pen and paper work out of the role-playing game. It keeps all the important stats, powers, and more within quick and easy access. It can even roll for you, helping to speed up your turns.

– Tracks your HP, healing surges, conditions, power points, money, and more
– Quickly access lists of all your important numbers: Defenses, ability scores modifiers, senses, and skills
– Keeps a list of all your powers and items that can be scrolled through for easy viewing
– Make rolls (attack, damage, initiative, etc…) with the touch of a button
– Easily heal and take damage, add and spend money. All the math is done for you
– Stats are calculated using based on level, attribute modifiers, and other bonuses you input
– Take notes of your adventure
– Roller for quick customized rolls
– Supports multiple characters

You will have to import your character’s information manually. The amount of time that process takes depends on how much you want this app to track. Using it as a health tracker only takes a few seconds. Inputting the details of all your powers will, of course, take more time.

Please send any comments, suggestions, or bugs you find to lionsden.contact@gmail.com.

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