D-Up! Tyson Chandler Edition

When real basketball just isn’t cool enough! Don’t wait, D-UP! With Tyson Chandler Today!


D-UP! is a fast paced basketball game designed to test the player’s defensive and shooting skills. Follow Tyson Chandler’s career through fun and funky levels as he makes his way to NYC!

Every stage is increasingly more difficult. Earn coins, unlock levels, complete challenging shots, purchase bonus features, increase your fame and use Game Center to beat your friends and soar to the top of the leaderboards! Look for CHANCES TO WIN AUTOGRAPHED ITEMS!


•70 Awesome Achievements to complete
•12 FUN and unique stages with increasing difficulty
•Challenging Goals to complete on EACH Stage
•SHOP for Power-Ups and upgrades
•Connect to Social Media and Game Center
•Share D-UP! With your friends

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