D Morph Game – Celebrity Visual Face Trivia

This version has more levels with increased difficulty!

Post your score on the worldwide top 100 leaderboard. See if you can crack it! Score is not only based on correct answers, but also by SPEED of correct answers!

You can also post scores to Facebook and Twitter.

How well do you THINK you know your favorite celebrity faces?

Test your skills with D Morph Game and try to make it to the worldwide leaderboard.

This visual trivia game consists of many combined faces that you must decipher within a certain time to earn points. You can use hints to help you, but be careful! Using hints will lower your score.

A random selection of images will load each time you restart the game so that each time you play, you will have a different experience! Plus more images and levels will be added with future updates.

In the first 4 levels, the morphed images are made up of 2 people. Each level gets more difficult. In level 5, it gets really tough since the morphed images are made up of 3 faces.

This is good clean fun for the entire family.

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