D Morph Game – Celebrity Visual Face Trivia Lite

How well do you THINK you know your favorite celebrity faces? Test your skills with D Morph Game Lite!

This visual trivia game consists of combined faces that you must decipher within a certain time to earn points. You can use hints to help you, but be careful! Using hints will lower your score.

A random selection of images will load each time you restart the game so that each time you play, you will have a different experience!

This Lite version consists of only level One, so that you can try before you buy. The full version consists of more levels that get more difficult as you go.

In the first 4 levels of the full version, the morphed images are made up of 2 people. In level 5, it gets really tough since the morphed images are made up of 3 faces. It also get harder after level one because there are more names to choose from for each image.

Download the full version to remove ads, unlock all 5 levels, receive future updates with more morphs and levels, and to post your score to Facebook, Twitter and the worldwide leaderboard! Score is determined not only by correct answers, but also by SPEED. See how good you really are!

This is good clean fun for the entire family.

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