Cyclone Frenzy

Cyclone Frenzy! Gold Now Available for $1.00!
Welcome to Cyclone Frenzy!
The secret Government facility known as F.I.M.A. has been experimenting with weather control for years. One fateful day, they were able to generate a man-made tornado. After adding more and more power to their tornado, something went horribly wrong and now they have lost control. Now with the tornado on an unstoppable rampage through the plains, the scientists are scrambling to contain it before their secret gets out.
Control your tornado to find a balance between destruction and speed to avoid being sucked up by the scientists. The scientists are in hot pursuit and will stop at nothing to contain their mistake. Using electroshock technology, the scientists have deployed Drones and Storm chasers to slow down the tornado. Their secret weapon is tornado-suction technology fixed to a Storm Chaser, pursuing the tornado. Out run this special Storm Chaser by hitting the static Gold Tornados to gain boosts, while finding the balance between speed and destruction.
-Full 3D Graphics
-Simple yet rewarding gameplay, easy to pick up but has enough depth for those who look for it.
-On-screen touch and tilt controls
-Graphic Settings (Low, Medium and High as well as particle controls) for the best performance on a number of Devices.
-Upgrades; Use the money you gain from causing destruction to upgrade your tornado to become the ultimate destruction machine.

How to Play:
-Control your Tornado by Tapping the right and left sides of your screen.
-Use boosts (gold static tornadoes) to maintain speed. Boosts will also be accumulated in your “boost pips” on speedometer located at the top right of the screen, and can be used by tapping them. Boosts also stack.
-Avoid the Storm-chasers and Drones
-Destroy as much as possible without being caught by the scientists in pursuit.
-Use the you receive from causing destruction to upgrade your tornado to gain an edge on the scientists.
-Change settings in the Settings menu.

Cyclone Frenzy! Gold removes Ads, unlocks $1,000,000 to spend on upgrades and the West is instantly playable.
This game auto-generates it’s levels. As a result, the game will load occasionally (the screen may freeze for a second) during gameplay. We are working to solve this issue in the future.
If the game runs slowly or the graphics just don’t look right try changing the quality settings in the settings Menu to “LOW” and TURN OFF Particle Effects.

If you have issues running our game, instead of posting a bad review that we can’t respond to, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you!

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