Always wanted to command an army?

Take to the online battlefield in HD: Cybewars, and you can! Spend hours mastering the control of the battlefield in this super-addictive strategy/action game!

Participate in fast-paced online matches over 3 different hectic game modes. Earn your general’s stars by fighting your way up the ranks! Be in command of 10 different vehicles, from light tanks to mobile anti-aircraft Guns to fighter jets!

Be the best in 4 online game modes:

*Classic- Base VS base mode, where each player tries to control the other’s base.
*Conquest- Who can control the most territory? This is your objective in this mode.
*Attackers VS Defenders- Units VS base mode, where one player deploys units against a base while another player tries to defend it.
*Tap King- A flurry of missiles are heading your way. who can stop the most missiles, you or your opponent?

Bluetooth capability is now ready! Get ready for battle!


* Play fast-paced matches online that wil keep you coming back to play
* 3 hectic game modes, Classic, Conquest and Attackers vs Defenders, with more to come!
* Command 10 vehicle types from light tanks to heavy attack helicopters to fighter jets to master the battlefield in classic and conquest.
* Change the course of the battle by deploying support weapons!
* Work your way up Game Center leaderboards and past the achievements

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