cute n-back

The addictive n-back game is here!

Playing dual n-back may improve working memory, a key component in intelligence. Some studies have shown that dual n-back can increase certain intelligence scores, though results vary.

In fact, working memory is sometimes found to be a better predictor of success in various area than intelligence metrics alone.

cute n-back takes the dual n-back game and makes it addictive by adding points and pictures of cute kittens as a reward!

You may have heard that working memory is limited to 7 plus-or-minus 2 things at a time (called “Miller’s law”). The original paper written by George Miller in 1956. Modern research has described a more complicated picture with different limits for different stimuli, “chunking” techniques and that performance can be improved with sheer practice. K. Anders Ericsson reported a student (referred to in the literature as “S.F.”) who over the course of months was able to increase his short-term memory for digits from the normal 7 to as many as 80 digits!

cute n-back is a fun memory game that will exercise your working memory and hopefully make you feel smarter. And there are kittens. And puppies. And other types of animals at the higher levels.

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