Cute God

In CuteGod, you are a deity of a cute little world. Your mission is to fulfil villager’s simple desires to make them happy. Move blocks around and create their dream terrain where they can finally build home, sweet home.

Rules are simple: touch a prayer to accept the challenge. Tilt the device to find a nice place to work. Touch and drag blocks to match the pray. When you are done, drag the prayer to the terrain you prepared. As simple as that! But don’t let it fool you: as you pass thru levels, things will get harder. More villagers to satisfy, bigger prays, larger terrain – every mistake will count against you.

The game is free, limited to 10 levels. You can buy the unlimited version as low as US$0.99. Buying it, you also get Game Center integration and Divine Powers. Game Center integration allows you to compete for best scores and unlock the achievements. Divine Powers will help you in your mission by giving you cute spells that can be cast with various gestures.

Full version also removes an small ad that appears for the first 30 seconds after you start the game.

Based on “CuteGod” design and “PlanetCute” art by Daniel Cook (

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