Cute Bubble HD

Cute Bubbles
Under the quiet seafloor, there are always bubbles coming out.
Is there a submarine volcano about to erupt?
Are there any treasures beneath the ocean?
Or is it just some fish around fighting each other?
No No No!
It is just an aggressive crab out there.
Let’s go and check it out.

★★★★★★Welcome to play the Cute Bubbles!★★★★★★
— It is easy to play and quick to learn. All you need is to drag and to click.
— It is a real physical system. You can feel the passion through the collision of bubbles.
— This game has cute animation, vivid image of crab and extraordinary undersea scene with seaweed, seashell and starfish.
— Its beautiful background music makes you feel relaxing while entertaining.
— You can easily get high scores by applying practical tools and have fun with “Tool Bubbles” and “Fate Bubbles”.
— Precise upgrading mechanism gives challenges to players.

Game Instructions

● You can use fingers to drag a bubble and to combine it with the one of same color. You can break the bubble when it expands to get a score. The bigger bubble you break, the higher score you get. If the screen is full of bubbles, you lose the game.

● You can use a pin to break bubbles that are too strong.
● You can use a hammer to stop bubbles coming out.
● You can use a biscuit to get a bigger bubble.

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