Cut to Drop HD Lite

Cut to Drop is an adventure packed game. The game play is airborne and your actions are based out on a flying chopper.

You are going to handle the Chopper and drop the parcel box on the Building top.

The journey is unlimited and it’s a night operation. You get 10 chances to continue in the game, you lose a life when you drop the parcels off the target area.


The game play is unlimited for total fun. The challenge goes unlimited with your precision of slashing the rope at right moment to drop the Parcel on the building on the ground.

Tap anywhere on the screen to drop the parcel, but beware..! Cut the rope with precision.


✓Buildings vary in shapes to give you a challenging time

✓ Drop the parcel right on top of the building

✓Avoid Parcels hitting the obstacles on the flight path

✓ If you don’t drop the parcel, The Chopper will drop the parcels at random places automatically every 10 seconds


• Challenging Game Play
• Explosive obstacles
• Life and Power-ups
• Soothing Sound and Graphics
• Enabled with OpenFeint for Global Scoring

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