Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift Hands-On Preview

At last week’s EA press event, one of our favorite games from newly-acquired Chillingo was Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift, a standalone app that offers a bonus pack of levels with a Christmas theme. Like any good gift, it comes with no strings attached– it’s a free download launching in time for Christmas.

The new Cut The Rope levels should be great fun for Cut The Rope experts. The brand-new puzzle mechanic they introduce are teleporting stockings– drop your candy in one sock, and they’ll go flying out of another. Your candy will also keep the same velocity when they go into the warp, so a few puzzles require you to let your candy float high enough in a bubble before you pop it, gather some speed, and send it warping to another part of the screen.

In addition, the game’s ropes have been replaced by strings of Christmas lights, and Om Nom will dress in reindeer antlers from time to time. This is mainly a visual makeover, except for the teleporting stockings, but more Cut The Rope levels for free should fill anyone with cheer. Look for it on the App Store in the next two weeks.