Cut the Parachute: Enemy Invasion

Cut the Parachute: Enemy Invasion is an action game where you are the last defense line before an enemy invasion! You have to stop enemy soldiers from reaching the ground, by cutting their parachute while still in the air.


The country is under attack. Enemies started a horrific invasion by deploying all of their forces against us. We have blocked all terrain access to the capital, but the enemy is trying to bring their soldiers to the battlefield by air. Their planes are full of soldiers trying to land on our territory. The mission is to stop them before they reach the ground, so we have to take them by surprise and attack while they are still in the air, by cutting their parachutes.

Be careful, only cut the parachutes of the soldiers! Cutting bombs will kill our forces on the ground and end the game!

Earn extra points and lives by landing the tanks, jeeps and aid kits safely!
Get cannons and several other power-ups to help you eliminate more enemies!


*Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements
*Multiple Power-ups
*Hours of endless game play
*Easy to play using swiping function

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