Custom Stud Poker

Custom Stud Poker lets you play a variety of Stud Poker games with a large number of game rules, betting rules and options (rules and descriptions can be viewed in game). Create and play your own custom games or play one that is already built in:

– 5 Card Stud
– 6 Card Stud
– Alligator Stud
– Threes
– 7 Card Stud
– Take It Or Leave It
– Deuces Wild
– Seattle Baseball
– Queens And (Follow the Queen)
– Deuces and Jacks
– Roll ‘em
– Shipwreck
– Psycho (High Hand)
– 8 Card Stud
– 4-4-4

Choose from betting rules such as:

– No Limit
– Pot Limit
– Spread Limit
– Fixed Limit
– Bring In Amount
– Max Raises

Play against 1 to 6 AI opponents at a time (with an option for allowing more to join as some are knocked out). The AI is designed to adjust to whatever rules you choose to play by.

For more information, screenshots, video demos and details such as game rules, available betting rules and options for creating your own custom games, please visit the website (click the App Support link or

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