Cupidon Free

The Day of Love!
Try to create many Couples in Love!

You are “Cupidon” and you must create many Couples in Love!
Use the Touch and Slide to target the Hearts.
Be careful! Don’t target the broken hearts!
Remember to check your “Love Power”.

Your score is recorded.
Share your score online and try to stay in the world ranking!
If you agree, your location is automatically detected to display the flag of your country in the international scores table.
So you can compete with players around the World!
You can see the rankings at any time by clicking on the logo “Display”.

★★★ Game Features ★★★

• You are “Cupidon”
• Use the Touch and Slide
• Create many Couples in Love
• Great Game for the St-Valentine Day
• Upload your Score and enter in the World Ranking

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