Cupid’s Arrows

Play Cupid in glorious augmented reality with your friends or love interests – with a few well placed shots you can make even your enemies smitten with you!

As Cupid, you’re entrusted with a magical bow that makes others fall in love. But this Valentine’s day you’ve been given a unique power – every time you fire an arrow, you induce heartache on your target, and they’re one step closer to falling in love with YOU. After enough hits, the target will become SMITTEN with you.

Easily play on your phone with your friends, significant other, or love interests – just select the color of their shirt, connect over wifi and our magical color detection technology will do the rest. When you’re hit by a rival cupid, your phone will flash and vibrate, and we keep track of your “heartache” (a running total of how smitten with others you are) and your arrows, so you know who is winning.

There’s even a single player mode, so you can practice before a big multiplayer game.

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