Cupid’s Adventures iPhone

Valentine’s day! It’s the perfect time for Cupid to match all the creatures on Mother Earth with his love-spreading arrows. But he got confused as the people are very far from each other and there are evil creatures that are stopping him in accomplishing its holy mission. Can you help him in doing the holy job?

Cupid’s Adventures is full of fun. Make the right matches with the people spread in the maps, collect the hearts on your way, use the divine powers of Arthemis and Chronos to make the life of Cupid easy and beat the time to accomplish the holy mission.


– Big and Easy to use Controllers
– Collect hearts to earn the divine powers of Chronos and Arthemis
– Use the Golden bow to kill the enemies, as well
– Enjoy the freeze time with Chronos’s clock
– High resolution graphics
– Simple and smooth Gameplay
– Its just the start of the Cupid’s Adventures, new seasons and features coming soon

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