Cupid OH!

In Hurry Honey you guide Cupid the Explorer in a quest for Love Tokens to save humankind. Swinging from hanging vines attached to puffy clouds Cupid must collect as many precious hearts as possible. Just be careful to avoid the cute devil monsters, watch out for freezing snow, slippery rain, broken and sticky clouds, and remember there is always a marvelous treasure waiting for you at the end of the rainbow!

-Swing through Broken, Moving, Rainy, Snowy, Sticky Clouds
-Avoid the Cute Devils
-Keep collecting hearts and make Score Combos
-Collect Powerups to help against Devils and Clouds
-Play multiplayer with Nextpeer

Just quickly touch and drag Cupid to another vine before he falls off from one. Cupid will shoot it’s arrow and swing from vine to vine. Tap 3 times when snow freezes Cupid to break the ice!

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